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Welcome to KJS Engines!

This is the home of Ken Seigh,
your ATOMIC-4 marine engine expert.
With over 25 years of experience in
rebuilding and consulting, Ken's advice is
an invaluable addition to your sailing
safety, reliability, and enjoyment.
Whether you need technical support, help ordering from the MMI website, or you just miss talking with Ken, you're in the right place!

About Ken...

Ken grew up in central PA, spending his formative years working with his Pop on many an afternoon and evening on their family cars in the driveway.  From his auto mechanic father, he learned an appreciation for both the engines themselves, and the joy of hearing those engines purr.

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He spent several years in Boston, MA, working as a full-time actor and performer, before returning to the Harrisburg area. At that point he met his wife, Stephanie, and "ready-made" family, and has spent the last 34 years happily as husband, father, and Pop-pop to his wonderful granddaughters.

After years of rebuilding the engines in his garage workshop, Ken found himself supporting Moyer Marine Inc. as their Sales Manager and primary technical support. For the last 21 years, Ken has been known as "the Voice" of Moyer Marine, supporting their wonderful customers through phone and on-line sales.


To contact Ken and discuss support options, please reference our
My Services

To reference common questions, please visit our FAQ page.

With all that experience under his belt, and with the full blessing of the family business, Ken has now moved into full-time technical support for the ATOMIC-4 engine via KJSEngines.

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Under the expert tutelage of his father-in-law and internationally recognized ATOMIC-4 Guru, Don Moyer, Ken was first introduced to the little engine that could in 1998.

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